where natural beauty unites with exceptional design

Fordham is an elegant composition inspired by the enamouring beauty of nature.


With respect for classical proportions, Fordham’s architecture is deeply rooted in modernist design principles. The facade is commanding yet inherently elegant, blending in seamlessly with Camberwell’s iconic residential character while presenting an inspired and unique apartment offering. Exhibiting clean lines that imbue the building with a robust, horizontal quality, the facade is comprised of two symmetrical wings that extend out from a central foyer area.

The top level is recessed from the street, creating a podium effect while ensuring the building doesn’t feel imposing. Intentionally understated, a suite of timeless of materials has been selected for the apartments to withstand the tests of time, both aesthetically and literally.

Landscaping is designed to complement and soften the architecture, utilising a classic plant palette that celebrates Camberwell’s leafy streetscape. The entryway is punctuated by a series of steel frames – each one ornate with elegant climbing vines – creating a strong sense of arrival for Fordham’s residents. Exploring the beauty that emerges from within juxtapositions – between light and shade, organic and manmade, solids and voids – Fordham’s architecture is a harmonious, visually rich composition that captures the essence of refined apartment living.


“Fordham’s design is deeply rooted in modernist architecture with respect to classical proportions.”

Fordham’s sophisticated living spaces have been tailored for sensorial delight and effortless living.

In conversation with the architecture, Fordham’s interiors exemplify timeless elegance. Each space has been finished to perfection, showcasing a suite of high-end finishes that while luxurious, leave room for residents’ individual style. Combining alluring stone surfaces, state of the art appliances, intuitive layouts and integrated storage, kitchens have been designed to spark culinary inspiration and a sense of familiarity. Here, open-plan living areas make interaction between residents easy – chat to your loved ones on the couch while you whip up a storm in the kitchen.

Harnessing an abundance of natural light, full height windows in the living areas enable a seamless view out to the terraces, with sliding doors that encourage outdoor living in the warmer months of the year. Ground floor apartments are gifted with generous courtyards, offering a place for entertainment or quiet solitude – the choice is yours. Fordham’s bathrooms encourage rejuvenation and retreat, featuring calming mosaic feature tiles and sophisticated marble. The height of luxury, spacious master ensuites are equipped with additional storage space for all your belongings.

Combining high-end materials and considered design features, Fordham’s ensuites and bathrooms redefine daily rituals.

Selected without compromise, Fordham’s spaces are defined by a suite of exceptional fixtures and finishes.


Having garnered over 50 years of experience in the luxury tile industry, Signorino is a Melbourne institution and one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Italian stones. With a steadfast commitment to responsible environmental practices, the company is driven by quality, sourcing only the most immaculate stones from the finest quarries in the world. Imparting a texturally rich aesthetic, Fordham’s bathrooms are gifted with their Enamelled Glass Mosaic and New Tundra Grey Marble.


Phoenix has been producing design-led and innovative bathroom accessories since 1989. Today, they are one of the most prominent names in the industry, beloved for their tailored and bespoke services and premium quality products. Fordham’s bathrooms and kitchens are punctuated by Phoenix’s coveted tapware designs, which while functional, ooze sophistication.


Miele is an international household name. Founded in Germany in 1989, no company is more equipped when it comes to the manufacturing of innovative, sustainable and stylish household appliances. Enriching and simplifying the acts of cooking and cleaning, Fordham’s kitchens have been appointed with their luxury cooktops, range hoods, ovens and dishwashers.